Superior quality is the foundation of our success and our calibre as a team. Being an ISO 9001-2015 certified company, quality is not only our internal company culture but a strategic component of our operations to outperform the competition by proving superior results, methodically overcoming adverse challenges and positioning SMSCL to meet the changing and unexpected demands of customers.


Being SToW TT and ISO 9001-2015 certified, we have adopted a risk-based (“preventive”) approach when it comes to the occupational health and wellbeing of our employees and the responsible maintenance of our client’s work, relationships, community and the environment. SMSCL’s safety program is geared towards preventing injury and lost-time risks through corrective actions that preserve conformity and client confidence in our capabilities.


SMSCL's principle of continuous learning fosters an internal environment where we continually aim to exceed our client’s expectations. Our team offering refined expertise and training, consistently proposes and implements creative and unprecedented solutions to provide the highest quality customer experience possible to upgrade our reputation for constant improvement and superior results.

Customer Satisfaction

We live, eat and breathe customer satisfaction, as this core principle drives the company to innovate, improve and over-deliver on high quality work. Our company’s trademark and legacy relies on our ability to adopt pragmatic problem-solving methodologies to deliver a superior level of quality-assurance, operational efficiency and risk mitigation.


Our customer’s demands and expectations are always changing against an unpredictable environment and economy. Our team makes it a priority to communicate directly, internally and externally to formulate alternative solutions and remain agile and flexible to adapt successfully to the expectations of our customers.


Our capacity to deliver superior results entails having and training the right people for the job. At SMSCL, relationships with clients, vendors and within our internal team, are essential to utilising our human talent and resources to perform in a strategic and outstanding way for excellent completion of our clients’ projects.

Southern Maintenance Services Company Limited (SMSCL) was built on over two decades of industry experience with the aim of providing efficient and excellent service to clients within the energy sector.


SMSCL comprises a team of seasoned construction, engineering and project management professionals who value and implement efficiency, cost-effectiveness, innovation and exceptional customer satisfaction in our operations and work ethic. Our dedicated team is committed to continuous learning to offer the highest possible value and quality we can to our clients. We observe and strictly adhere to international safety, quality assurance, risk management and industry leadership guidelines to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for our customers, always aiming to improve our standards and pursue advanced ISO certifications and training to ensure our practices, procedures and professionalism is of unmatched, premium quality.



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